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Originally Posted by Patriot Services View Post
Why do so many people on here speak in absolutes? "Handhelds are junk" ,"buy the biggest honkin air mover made". Not everybody has limitless resources or the need to have bragging rights. Obviously there is a huge market for handheld and the small/midsize backpacks, otherwise there wouldn't be such a vast arrray available. We don't do much leaf work here so the mid sizes have proved a cost, fuel and weight savings. It doesn't take the largest blower on the market to move grass clippings and a little dirt or debris. Which is what most guys are doing most of the time.
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Plus handheld is more maneuverable for gutting into corners of beds or under shrubs blowing out debris without clearing the entire bed of all mulch.

If most of what you're doing is cleaning up grass clipping from mowing and trimming, and/or debris from hedge trimming… the hand held blower is adequate.

For fall clean up, I never understand why guys got away from fradan/little wonder/ giant vac wheel blowers.
Ill use those and routinely run circles around guys doing "fall clean up" with back packs.
I always thought they were just standing there, staring at a windrow of leaves warming their hands?
Never really realized they thought they were cleaning them up?

Right tool, right job…. too many people try to buy one thing to do all things.

In truth, even the BIGGEST back pack, is an intermediate blower… there are smaller less effective ones and much more powerful more effective ones.

They all have their purpose.

I haven't personally owned a backpack in years.
I find Im either doing something large or small, not in-between.

Oddly, todays handhelds have about the power of yesterdays backpacks…so it's all relative.

Ill say this tho, some of the handhelds have enough torque to map your wrist hurt… this doesn't happen with backpacks unless your humping the mega big boys.

some people may find that just a simple, mid range back pack is best of all worlds, especially if not engaged in large cleanups.
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