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Originally Posted by foreplease View Post
I more or less agree with ArTurf but like that you are thinking outside the box Exact. Trouble is, most customers are stuck not just in the box but in one dark corner of the box. In our area I don't find most of the sprinkler companies to be misinformed.

I wonder how far away we are from controllers that can be run remotely for customers via some app their LCO can operate. I know some golf course systems have a lot of bells and whistles enabling such a thing but I don't know about one company being able to operate 50 or more systems. The factor I see ignored most often on athletic fields is day-length, how it changes from early Spring to mid-Fall. Running a real close second is failing to shut systems down after it rains or, worse, while it is raining. Having more than one person operating or authorized to operate irrigation on athletic fields is a disaster too.

Good luck refining your idea. Let us know how it works out either way please.
The remote control systems are already out there. Mostly golf or large commercial props. Probably cost prohibitive at this point for residential but maybe one day. Don't hold your breath though.
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