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Originally Posted by HPSInc View Post
from what I have seen before I went into business and again now as a business owner that as far as helpers go (not foremans) that starting guys at 13 or 14 bucks doesn't make them any better than a guy at 9 or 10 to start. Ive been through enough people to see already that I can pay a guy 14 and he can totally suck and whines all day, and I can pay another guy 10 and he can be a real workhorse and never complain. I think it boils down to eventually paying that workhorse enough to stick around. But initially I don't think starting pay will necessarily find you a better employee. some guys care and some never will.
I'd certainly agree with you here. One of the best lessons ever taught to me was when I was working in a car dealership back in my teens by the GM of the dealership. Long story short, it was time to clock out and a salesman pulls a new car into the wash bay to be cleaned up for the customer. Two guys I worked with said screw it and complained that they don't make enough to be putting in extra time. Two minutes later the GM of the dealership comes back there in his dress cloths and him and I are washing the car while the two of them watch. Then, to dig themselves in a deeper hole they make the remark about how they're under paid. The GM looks at them and says, "If you can't do a $9/hour job well, why would I pay you $12/hour?", dead silence. They were both fired. You can't ever pay a good employee enough, you can't ever pay a bad on too little. I think it's good practice to start people out at a low, but fair wage and raise their pay as warranted or fire them because keeping the bad ones isn't worth it.

Another old boss I had when I was in college didn't pay much, but he made it so those of us who worked for him and his wife always felt appreciated and they were always doing special stuff for us. I was 800 miles away from my closest family while I was in college, but they always made it a point to celebrate birthdays and holidays with me. The business he was in, he was ALWAYS getting invited to go on hunts. I can't count the number of duck hunts I got to go on at some incredible duck hunting clubs in Mississippi and Arkansas while working with him. Everyone who worked there WANTED to do every job to the best of their ability and it had nothing to do with our paychecks, we had a good boss who knew how to motivate people. Money is a poor motivational tool.
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