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Well, a new season is almost upon us and I made a decision to stick with my 52" RH stander. The issue I was having with the drive system was a stretched out hydro belt, that was 2 hydro belts I went thru in one season. I'm thinking when it got replaced last summer it was not done right or the wrong size belt, who knows. The mower just got fresh oils, and filters thru out and I just pulled the ignition coils and gonna replace with new ones when they arrive on Wed. and with the new belts, throttle cable, pto switch and battery from last summer I've felt like I wanted to give this mower another chance and honestly I didn't feel like looking for a new to me used mower again, plus I feel like I know the mower now. I'm gonna drum up all the issues I had last year to being me buying and expecting it to be issue free when maybe I should of took the time to get everything checked out or gone over by me or dealer.. The guy I bought it from made it sound like it was in great shape, go figure right? Everything that went wrong with it was maintenance except maybe the coils which i hope solves the engine backfiring and stress under load. I was getting some good cuts with the g3 blades near the end of season so I'm gonna stick with those all year. Here's to a good trouble free season and hopefully not having to come on this thread.
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