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Originally Posted by dathorpe View Post
Well, I guess I'll weigh in on this stander conversation. I run wb's and ZTR's. Actually just bought a 72" Cheetah. I have lots ranging from 1/5 acre to 15 acres. Obviously, for 5 acres and up, I'm running ZTR'S. But for the smaller subdivision residentials, like 1/2 acre lots, I'm considering picking up a stander because I can see where it would have a place there. They have great speed for the size, highly maneuverable, plus it's very compact and easier to train an employee to run than a wb with a sulky. I really like the Gravely Pro Stance and I believe it could be an upgrade over a wb with a sulky.


I have to agree with the comment made by 35dollars. I have dealers all around my area and there isn't one that I know of that has a stander on his lot. WTF? There are three Scag dealers within 45 mins from me and NONE have a stander out for sale - Tigers, Cheetahs, wb's... but no V-Rides?? Same with the Exmark dealers - there's four of them nearby - and no standers. In fact, the only time I've ever seen a stander at a dealer was a Toro Grandstand. One. One Grandstand. And I'm not kidding, that thing sat on that lot for two years.

Now, I am in Northern Virginia and there are horse farms and estates everywhere so maybe it's just a ZTR kind of area. And maybe the McMansion subdivisions around here call for wb's over standers. Maybe in my area, there's just more demand for them and no so much for standers.

I still want to try one though. Because... I believe it may have it's place and it may make sense for me... in certain scenarios.
Down in Hampton roads every dealer has standers on the lots.
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