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I have used them all, I am about to buy a state of the art stander for small yards. Except for price, I say nothing better about any walk behind against a stander GENERALLY. Of course there are always exceptions. Most current standers have the option to walk so if you really want to walk, you can. A sulky behind a walker can be cumbersome, get in a long narrow spot between the house and fence and try to back up a long ways without hanging up the sulky to do it! I weigh a lot, if it is a 1 wheel sulky and it is a little soft? Forget it without leaving a long wheel rut. Walkers stick out a long ways, when you make corrections or turn, the handles have a severe opposite action so watch out for your hands getting pinched. (talking about pistol grips here, I know there are other setups). Now you see standers promoted to be wonderful around trees? Forget it, no benefit around low hanging anything, you are standing up! You will make a little sacrifice around some trees but you need to trim there anyway. My first stander was one of the first on the market, a 48" with out electric start and spacer style deck height adjust. Today they are putting rapid height and electric on them all over the place. I see standers making a big presence here in Shreveport now, almost exclusively Exmarks. Gravely not so much yet. Those are the dealers we have. I am about to get a Wright because of side by side spec comparison. Only I am a bit uneasy not having a local dealer for it if I need help but again, it is not going to be my most critical machine.
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