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Originally Posted by Dyllan78 View Post
I currently own an exmark zero turn aerator and want to buy a small unit for small jobs or for jobs where if the exmark is being used i can still take the walk behind and go to work. I have looked at all the units and have considered plugger 855, turfco xt5, and lawn solutions 24". Seems like the turfco is getting a lot of good reviews and is a really good aerator for the money. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. thank you.
I love the Lesco split drum aerator or in your case maybe the standard drum 20 inch machine. Great for cut in's, backyards etc. They are bulletproof and in my opinion pull a better core than any aerator out there.

How do you like the Exmark? Does it pull good plugs? Do you get buildup on the tires from plugs and such?
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