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jobber vs. realgreen

I like the guys at jobber and their customer support is great. But the scheduling took longer than with gopher. You can't convert an estimate to a job unless the whole quote is converted to a single job. Jobber does not handle pre-pays well. Jobber does not handle programs well in that you cannot schedule a program but must schedule each job. If a single application is put back (for weather for example) you must reschedule manually every following application.With jobber when you get a lot of jobs for a single customer it is very confusing. You must complete the job and mark the invoice as complete also. I think that should be done automatically.
I must say realgreen is not easy to set up, but once that is done practically everything is one push of a button. Also jobber is limited in reports while I can get almost any type of report I need to make critical decisions. I have just merged with another company and could not handle the paperwork without realgreen. As it is I have doubled the size of the company and let one office person go.
Realgreen supplies are also no more expensive and sometimes much less expensive than buying office supplies locally. I went with realgreen for credit card handling and their price is fair and reasonable. I don't at the present time have any complaints. I spend $500 a month on phones to help the business run smoother and realgreen is just another expense that is needed to help the company run smooth and help it grow.
I don't think I would get realgreen for $100,000 company for but for $350,000 up and think it would be invaluable.
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