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Originally Posted by GreenAsItGets View Post
STILL ON THE HUNT- Demo'd Clip & SAP, Using Hindsite, Leaning towards Jobber, looking into Billmaster.
We are mainly landscape maintenance- 4 crews, 1 install/enhancement, and 1 lawn tech and are currently tracking/quoting via excel sheets and sending quotes with Word docs (We should be quoting at least thru QB-but were not) and printing way too much paper, do not have a CRM in place. Stressed about loss of information- both in the office and translating client needs to the crews- we searched for solutions.
We demo'd Clip late 2012- way too crude and behind the times and not near advanced enough, then used SAP, but just after 1 month using SAP- the software/co in general seemed a bit unorganized/not fully cooked and found them repeatedly responding to our qtns "Oh yeah we are working on that bug- or that feature should be out soon", and after hearing of other issues we bailed and searched on.
Signed up with Hindsite mid Summer 2013, they sold us stating it would do alot of things mentioned in this thread, and after we dug deeper found out- it can do most- kinda, but many functions are a bit archaic & overly time consuming, or don't work at all-
1st issue- quoting through the software- u can, but they now say its easier to do it thru a QB template then send it to HS as its not really a key built in function and u have to pay them extra $ to make quote templates- nice.
2nd- U want to enter your clients services in? Ok great- Create the services, create the 1st client, add what the client gets, then u detail what ea service has for parameters=choose 34 mowings @ 1.2 hrs, pruning 3 times @ 3 hrs ea, etc. fine- After u spend an hour getting that one client in- they say its best not to make a repeat function or a standard package, just spend an hour per client to manually enter the rest of the clients. Wow, I'm hearing Kenny Chesney now- "there goes my life"…
3rd item- I want to send emails to my clients of services coming up or after we completed- u know "client updates", well u can with Hindsite- only just now they announce u can via a 3rd party constant contact feature- for only $50/month!!?? >again no thanks I would rather pay CC $15/month, but really would rather have an message feature thats truly tied into the service software.
4rth- Hindsite has mobile capability but can have syncing issues that don't always translate back to homebase-(To avoid this u have to Manually Sink after every stop- Not sure the crews will be able to do this day in/day out. + No GPS functionality tied to the mobile devices (Jobber said they are releasing this- they seem light years ahead of Clip/Hindsite)
5th- U have to have Hindsite attached to a local machine w/ quickbooks- not very 2014 if u ask me- Jobber has online capability already.
6th- Hindsite talks a big game, they claim to help u with other things like marketing and growing your business- they have blogs and video trainings- like social media marketing (yet they have a whopping 153 likes on their FB page) really?
Talked with Real Green sales about their new online version and with the add ons- were looking @ close to $400/month- thanks, but no.
I was actaully looking at Hindsite or Jobber to come over from SAP... any update on your situation?
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