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they all made fun of us with the first super surfers

'you will fall off of it'

'it's dangerous'

'it's stupid'

'why would you even want that'

it's like magic and fire…. everything is satanic witchcraft and should be feared until the first guy has a BBQ with smoking hot brats, and then everyone joins in

'best thing since sliced bread'

'only real guys do it like this'

yada yada yada.

personally, having been a 'youngster' (late 20s) during the development days and beta testing of stand on mowers… I don't think they do that much better on hills than other mowers…. which was supposed to be the big deal originally.

someone above made a good point…. long thin areas, trying to back out with a velke? what a mess.

Ive never seen a stander spin on a dime and take out a mail box with a SWISH (walker I'm looking at you)

hands down standers do the least amount of accidental damage to a property they are maintaining.
They take the least damage when loaded on a trailer during transport.

but they are hardly the 'wonder' mower either.

Compare a regular 48 stand on to a 48 walker…. in every situation, I think both mowers with equipped with a mulch deck will perform the job in the same time frame on a 'regular' residential lawn…with one exception, mowing near pond edges…this is not for a walker… it will become a submarine.

Generally a stander will be 35-40% less expensive than a B model walker.
and 50% the price of a T model.

If there are gates to open, hoses to move, and a news paper to move off the lawn… the stander is better than the walker because you had to keep getting up from that crouched position to move all that stuff.

No number of walkers with the deck in the up position, can ever squeeze in the same space on a trailer or box truck like standers can…

however…how many dudes actually run a crew with 5 to 6 mowers per truck?
So this is kind of a moot point, really…Im not even sure why manufactures try to sell this, since it hardly ever happens (wright and grasshopper really try to push the 'more mowers per trailer thing')

Ive had 6 walk behinds before and/or 4 standers…but it was VERY route specific… and i can't imagine this being standard anywhere.

Even at TG/ brickman/Valley crest I've need seen more than 3-4 mowers.
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