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I bought an Exmark ZTR stand-on aerator last fall (I was the only one that used it). We did nearly 300 aerations, but I had a helper that aerated edges & backyards with small gates.

We carried 3 aerators on the "trailer" (I hate pulling trailers).

For quick & easy aerating around perimeters, we prefer a small size "drum aerator" (TURFCO or Ryan) with no water in the drum. But problem there is "dry soils" so plug depth is shallow.

Back yards with small gates >> TURFCO XT5 hands down.
Before we sold our Lawn Solutions (hydro) walk-behind, we did side-by-side comparisons. The XT5 was much faster, and pulled better plugs.

We have the first generation XT5. Never had to repair or replace parts. Handles nicely around curves, etc. So far it's the preferred walk-behind aerator according to my guys. Once I drive the ZTR aerator off the trailer, it's nearly always the XT5 that comes off next. my 2 cents
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