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Originally Posted by phasthound View Post
Never tried it. Humic acid ratio is only one once/ten gallons water, then reduce the amount of Gly by 25%. At $26.00 a gal humic acids are pretty cheap. But yes, you can't buy it in a grocery store.
Humic acids also increase the efficiency of liquid ferts.
Do you have any scientific data that you can share suggesting that the addition of humates can reduce herbicide rates and increase liquid fertilizer efficiency?

I ask because I just read a couple of research papers similar to this topic. One paper (Diuron herbicide degradation catalyzed by humic acid compounds: Environmental Chemistry Journal Dec 2013) concluded that humic acid compounds catalyze the degradation of diuron in water. This is confirmation of earlier work (and of our environmental communication) that pesticides degrade in the environment. But, it also suggests that adding humic acids to herbicide solutions could make them less effective.

A second paper I recently read concluded that humic acids reduced plant uptake of imazethapyr, one of the active ingredients in Dismiss South (a product that some on this board may use).

I am actively engaged in testing products for manufacturers, including surfactant manufacturers. I see a lot of claims that different products allow you to reduce herbicide or fertilizer rate, but very few of these claims seem to be backed by scientific evidence. I wish I could try them all out, but there are so many that I just donít have the time or space. I will tell you that the ones I have tried havenít lived up to their claims. If you have some evidence that these claims are accurate, I would love to see it and maybe even begin some research.
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