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The square foot rate that is recommended above is poor feedback.

I will also say, how does one enter a business but not have any clue or understanding how to price work? I'm not trying to be a complete jerk, but I am trying to provoke the topic creator to think about things. Keep in mind, most people that meddle in hardscapes only make it 5 yrs It takes business instinct, which comes from deep within.

New install or restoration work - should never be based on unit pricing (square foot pricing). This industry is all about selling time. We sell time, and we sell equipment rental. And once you're established and experienced - you're then also selling expertise.

Base your price on anticipated production hrs. This includes loading the truck at the yard, drive time to and fro for each day involved. Factor in time to do the work. Factor in time to clean up each day. It's all about time time time.

With restoration work, you have no idea what you're getting into. Your proposal should list material allotments, this way if you go over - you can charge, otherwise YOU eat the cost.

Are you licensed with your state to do construction / home improvement work?

For more in depth information on pricing work, please do a search on my user name. You can search "all threads" started by user. Or you can search posts with keywords "square foot pricing" "production hours"

Good luck to you!

A 100 sq ft job is a great starter job.
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