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Back to the RU and Glyphosate debate.

We use Round-Up Pro. I've messed around with other Glyphosate products, and did see a minor, but effective difference in the RU pro over other brands.

How much of a difference? Can't say for sure, but it seemed to be a better kill over-all when using a drift cone and very fine mist spot applications.

Now, one reason I stay with RU pro is that the cost is negligible for a 2 gallon bottle over the course of a season compared to an "off" brand. Basically the 20 dollar or more difference in the grand scheme of our over-all overhead isn't going to make a lick of difference.

So I stick with RU Pro, the added proprietary chems in the solution is worth the cost.

EDIT: Also wanted to state that we use Snapshot in our program along with spot treatments. The Snapshot of course minimizes weed growth and cuts back at least 75% of our spot spraying treatments during the season.

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