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The primary factors that inhibit Glyphosate.
1. pH base of the fill water. High pH water will degrade the AI. Neutral is best.
2. Mixing too heavy. Stay with the recommend rate.
3. Spraying to heavy. Do not soak spray.
4. Drought causes plants to shut down growth. This will hamper intake of the herbicide. If under drought conditions. Irrigate to increase herbicide mobility.
5. Spray lightly. Just enough to coat the leaf surface. Spraying to a drip will cause the plant to shut down. The plant will detect the overabundance of herbicide beyond the water and protect itself from what it detects is not the water.
6. Understanding how environmental sceneries effect how plants react to herbicides.
7. Always use a fresh herbicide mix.
8. RoundUp quick pro is the bomb.
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