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Originally Posted by phasthound View Post

I'll look into the research. But have limited access to all the studies. I'm not a scientist nor a researcher.
If we canít find this information readily available, we should probably be skeptical of the concept.

Iím usually pretty leery of an additive that claims to reduce usage by any type of amount, especially a large one. If an additive improved efficacy, you can bet that the herbicide manufacturer would endorse it in a heartbeat Ė and advertise it heavily. If the additive could reduce the amount needed to be effective, manufacturers would endorse the additive and adjust the price of their product accordingly. If the additive were cheaper than the product (as you indicate humic acid to be here), wouldnít it make sense for the manufacturer to simply include the additive in its package? That would reduce their cost of inputs and reduce their warranty claims.

With as much research is done on these products and all the crazy ideas that are tested in order to improve them, I really donít see how something like this would have been overlooked or passed up.
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