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Originally Posted by georgialawn88 View Post
you just threw them under the bus. that was not good business practice
Originally Posted by threepointchamp View Post
Throwing them under the bus on this site is one thing... throwing them under the bus to gain a customer because your service doesn't sell itself, different story.
I am not trying to gain anything but stating the facts that are already out there.
Originally Posted by Heidi J. View Post
You are absolutely right. Customers don't want to hear you bash any of your competitors. It also makes you look like a creep as well. I just always point out that we are locally owned and operated. I also point out to them that although they may be cheaper.. You get what you pay for.

I will bash them on here all day though. They don't give 2 shits about their customers. They lie and confuse older people and are encouraged to do so by upper management. Karma is a ***** and Tru green is getting theirs lol
Yeah...You never want to resort to "trash talk" of your competition when interacting with current or potential customers. Those type of negative tactics just give the whole industry a back eye. Unfortunately that is what Scott's is doing with their mailers. The whole "us vs. them" scenario. "And we're better than them." marketing.

As far as TruGreen goes, expect to see C.D&R sell them off in the next year or so.
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