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I pulled up after they treated one of my old mowing clients lawn last week... $78 dollars for 6,000 Sq. Ft. According to the invoice they applied only prodiamine, and i believe that because there was no smell of any broadleaf weed control and they had just left. (i always heard they stopped blanket apping weed control, but didn't believe it.. guess its true) There was no grass on this guys lawn anymore. it was 95% weeds! the customer wanted a spring seeding. so trugreen had a Spring aeration and overseeding scheduled for the same customer but put out the pre-emergent i guess by mistake. The guy was mad, all i could say was.. "i told ya it would be a headache..." He said they won't return his calls either. He was an old man, i feel like they kinda took advantage of him. Same old, same old there.. but still people here seem to LOVE them.
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