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Bob what's not interesting about an EC not being able to figure out a simple photocell?

What's not interesting about a homeowner playing middle man between manu and Ec?

We must ask ourselfs these questions I guess

1. Where was this Ec trained and educated that he could not diagnose a basic photo cell issue
2. Is this Ec really an Ec
3. Why would this Ec want to work for a homeowner that seems to be nosy and a pita.
4.Why didn't the ho hire a outdoor lighting company?
5. Why does fx tech support waste time with ho's in the first place?
6. Why did ho order photocells on ebay ? Why not let the Ec supply & install
7. Why would ho come on here and make a public complaint about Fx's photocells
8. Why do I troll this forum once a week

Acrynom explanation

Ho- home owner
Ec- electrician
Pita- pain in the ass
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