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Thanks again to everyone for your replies. I've been busy plowing all winter and spring is coming fast. The project is still moving forward at a snails pace. We are hoping for the go ahead any day now. We do manage the landscape at this property year round, and I had planned to pull the pumps on all 3 of the features in the fall before temps dipped. They are close by and we always stop by for quick jobs like that year round.
I was chatting with management last week about an existing waterfall at another one of their properties. ( I cant stand the way it is built. Looks like the hillside vomited up 12" rounds for 30'). I asked if the pump/waterfall had ever been winterized, and they said maybe once, the first year...... Yikes.
If this goes as planned, maybe they will find it in the budget to have me repair it and do a slight redesign. There is more visibility of that feature which could lead to more jobs for us in the future. We'll have to wait and see.
X-stream, thanks a bunch for that diagram, I will be following your advice on the gravel, it looks much better that way. The pump head should be no more than 8 feet.
Cowboys, I am overly cautious about that concrete. Since those pics were taken, there is now a 10 foot high pvc fence surrounding the slab, ( seriously, Im not kidding.) I have a 5 foot gate to work with now, so I am going to have to use a lighter machine than our skid to squeeze through and not damage the walkway. We use the heavy pvc mats whenever poss. To avoid damage and ruts.
I'm chomping at the bit to get going on it. I have at least a month before we are super busy. Ill update the thread when i hear back. Thanks again for the good input everyone!
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