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Pequea trailers are very well built and sell for much more than the cheap lowes trailers.

I just got off the phone with Laport Farm Equipment in Westfield, NY...a registered Pequea dealer.

This trailer is the model 8012T. Standard with brakes on both axles is $3080.00 before my discount. After my discount it comes to $2,618 plus tax. That is with the standard bias ply tires. The new tires I have on it are radials. To get radial tires put on from the dealer is a $112.00 upgrade.

So all together before my discount it would cost $3,192.00 plus tax. After my discount it would be $2,730.00 plus tax. So I believe my price is fair, and besides, it says obo. That means negotiable, genius.

I'm sure your $1,680 trailer is not the same quality. When you butt into someone's sale thread and say things like that, it makes it easy to see why a lot of people on this forum have a problem with you. Here's an idea...if something doesn't pertain to you, stay out of it. That's the problem with the people in this country...everyone thinks that their opinion matters and needs to be heard. Thanks facebook!
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