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Originally Posted by DLONGLANDSCAPING View Post
What is the reason for the curbing on 1/4 of the left side of the driveway? I would think you would want a uniform look even if it is just for water run off so mud doesnt wash onto the driveway.

The homeowner wanted to leave that part un-curbed because they wanted to be able to park extra cars off the driveway and not have to drive over the curb. We pulled off the top soil and covered that area with wood chips. We also left the curbing off of the street a ways so it doesn't get hit by plows.

Second question: With a permeable application, what happens if mud,dirt,soil, and crap fill the cracks of the driveway. To me, each time the lawn crew is there, they are going to have a terrible time blowing off the driveway and getting grass out of the cracks without blowing the small rocks in the cracks out of the cracks.

Permeable applications are designed to take 100's of inches an hour of rainfall. Lets just assume 100in an hour for easy math. Even if the system is 99% clogged it will still take 1in an hour. That's a lot of rain. For residential applications you don't really need to worry about it clogging or maintenance of the joint stone in regards to cleaning it.

Third: Your work is amazing, and i cannot possible fathom the idea of landing a job this large scale, but your work is always top notch and i love the videos. Definitley a youtube subscriber and a subscriber to all of your threads.

Thanks for the compliments and thanks for watching my videos!
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