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Originally Posted by cedarhammock View Post
I just bought a new sk650 Vermeer and I'm looking into trying-out a harley rake for some sod jobs I do, does anybody Tampa or Orlando area rent them? preferably Orlando area, I really want to see how they work.


You must be a Yankee because Harley Rakes just aren't used here in Florida. I have never seen one here. Having been in the Sod business, a good sod cutter is what we used. On occasion I would use a Root Rake with Grabble to remove old sod after it had been cut with a sod cutter. But hand raking the area after sod cutting and before laying sod is the best & easiest prep you can do. Running heavy equipment on a yard isn't the best thing you can do. Most yard after irrigation an other underground stuff to break.

BTW A pallet of wet Bahia will weight up to 4500 pounds. Wet St Augustine weights 3500 pounds. I hope your new machine can handle that kind of weight. My piggyback fork lift could handle St Augustine but not Wet Bahia. I had to use my skid steer on Bahia. Of course a Heavy Duty Truck to haul the sod is a must if you want to be competitive in the sod business. I never made it to 18 wheeler status but I did have a F 7000 that could haul 10 pallets and a piggy back fork lift. For time spend etc. I made more money delivering sod and spotting it in than actually laying. I could buy a pallet for $ 60 in the field and deliver it for $ 125. Do 10 pallets twice a day and that nice work when it comes your way.


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