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Originally Posted by JCLawn and more View Post
I wasn't really hot till I left and realized what happened. If I would of been on my game I would reminded silent to see what the punk would of done. I could tell he was fresh out of cadet school. Down towards me unless you are endangering someone you most likely won't ever be pulled over.
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There was--not sure if she still is--a very dedicated MC officer out of the Wayland post a few years back. She was giving a guy (who plowed for me several years back) a bunch of grief for not having his concrete trailer pump licensed. He went back and forth between MSP and SOS. SOS said he did not need to register it, nothing to register, etc. It's a dedicated trailer. The only thing it can do is pump concrete. A-hole from MSP still gave him and his employee grief. He had talked to her sgt\supervisor\whatever before and called him again to complain about yet another stop. This gentleman was told she was not working that day. His reply "Well I'll be )*^(*&^ if you don't have one dedicated trooper, because she just pulled over my truck again a half hour ago."

I don't recall exactly, but I do believe the harassment stopped at this point.

For me, if I deserve a ticket, I will not give them any crap, other than just hurry up and get it done with. I have stuff to do. But I screwed up, I am not going to argue or debate. If they want to try some BS like you are referring to, then I am going to get pissed and argue\debate\etc.
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