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Not sure if I can remember the details exactly, but one of my guys had a small fender bender during a snowstorm a few years back. Accidents all over, cops backed up forever trying to take reports, etc. There was a dime sized dimple in a mini-van hatchback and no damage to our plow. I told him to exchange info with the other driver and they could do a report later. As the law allows.

Trooper called him a while later, threatened him with ticketing him for leaving the scene of an accident, blah, blah, blah. He runs over to the post in the time given him, she's not there. She was at their other location in GR. He goes there, she gives him the 10th degree, etc.

I spoke with him and called the trooper. Told her that her threat was bogus and she and I both knew it would never fly, because MI state law allows exchange of info for non-injury accidents with damage under $1K. She asked me how I knew the damage was under $1K. I said how do you know it wasn't? I saw the picture, she didn't. Didn't even scratch the paint. She went on a rant about something with that law, I asked her why that law was there if it wasn't supposed to be used?

She was very angry at this point. I told her that apparently she forgot the "to serve" part of their oath and that threatening someone with a bogus charge that wouldn't stick in any court was anything but serving the people who paid her salary. Then she was really pissed. Said I could call her supervisor.

Then the motor carrier guy showed up. lol He was decent but did not understand the above law either. It was my one and only truck that did not have an inspection that year. We had it scheduled and it kept snowing. I readily admitted to it and he wrote me for it. No arguments, no debates, I was in the wrong. The part of the convo I did argue with him about, was, he told me that CMV's had to remain at the scene of an accident to be inspected. I told him the same thing I told the other troop: no injury, damage under $1K, exchange info and see ya later. He disagreed. After he left, I looked up the law again. There is NOTHING in the law about CMV's having to wait for a report when the above 2 items are met.

Just goes to show, too many laws that even the enforcers can't get them straight.
“Every step we take towards making the State the Caretaker of our lives,

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