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Originally Posted by bigviclbi View Post
dvs-doubt it. check the name of my company, I'm pretty sure I know a thing or two about perennials..... If you don't mulch a bare bed in the spring, before the perennials fill out, you are gonna have tons of weeds. If you use the smaller rock as shown here, looks to be 1" or 3/4" and go 3" deep, you can control the weeds with a spring preen application and spot spraying. Whiffy, I know for a fact that my bucket of preen and spray bottle are gonna be less maintenance than re-mulching every year. You can argue the aesthetics aspect but not the maintenance. I agree that rock can be overdone, but I don't think it was here. Mostly I was just busting DVS'S balls, he loves to go on anti-gravel rants. I'm a big proponent of the p-word as well! Happy Spring!!!
It's 1.5" -2" river rock
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