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Before it got removed from the market here(2008) and Gallery became available, I used it use it. Regularly. So would the golf courses here. When I was working for a company that installed zoysia and St Augustine via sprigs or plugs. Back then, a 2 lb application 7 days after install and another 1 lb 30-45 days later made for a weed free grow in. No broadleaves or grassy weeds. Grow ins not treated that way would become a weed party. You do not apply the orange herbicides to a grow in and Ronstar is in residential turf. I would also use it in combination with Image and/or MSMA for control of emerged weeds as well as prevention of further weed emergence. In those days, any yo-yo with a hand can of Trimec Plus could kill emerged weeds, but could he keep the lawn clean without incessant spot spraying. I would be SOL right now without the sulfonylurea herbicides. A number of them have the sustained residual activity to keep a lawn clean.
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