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Originally Posted by JimLewis View Post
No. Don't know where I'd get one. But that would be nice. We were blowing that off for over an hour. After initial install, there is a LOT of little blades that keep coming up. Annoying as all......

See the link I just posted on the last reply. That will give you a good idea of what the base is like. Similar to a paver installation, except you don't have to excavate quite as deep.

1. Excavate to 4-5' deep
2. Install approx. 3" of 3/4" or 1" aggregate with some fines in it.
3. Compact to 98% compaction
4. Install approx. 2" of 1/4" aggregate with fines.
5. Grade smooth & compact to 98% compaction
6. Lay down turf
7. Cut edges
8. Install seam (if needed)
9. Install fasteners (screws, spikes, etc. different brands use different fasteners).
10. Blow off (or vacuum)
11. Power Broom
12. Blow one more time to get lines from power broom to disappear
13. Collect $$$

Step 8 is the hardest step, by far. Very difficult to learn how to seam this stuff well. Best to get some help the first few times when doing a seam. That's one reason I still really love SYNLawn. The owner of the local SYNLawn branch is always close by if we need any help. Haven't needed him at all for the last 3-4 jobs we've done. But he helped us a lot on the first several installs. Mainly with the seaming. Most companies, in my experience, get the seaming wrong. And it stands out really bad when you don't do it right.

I should mention that I buy turf that doesn't require an Infill. Some less expensive varieties DO require an infill. So that would be step 10 I guess. That's another reason I like the high end SYNLawn stuff. No Infill required. I hate Infill.
Billy goat makes a good vac. Check it out, might be a faster approach to the add on service. See what your rep says next time you talk to him. Again, looks awesome
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