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3M Cold Shrink Connectors

So most of us have used heat shrink connectors from companies like Ace and Lighting Shrink. But have any of you ever used the COLD shrink connectors from 3M before?

This is an interesting product. Looks like it would be a time saver.

If you haven't heard about it before, check out this YouTube video about it.

Now, at first glance it doesn't seem like a very water-tight seal. But then I dug a little deeper. On this page it says the stuff works in "underground and submersible applications". Submersible? Wow.

Then on this page it says it is "Water reisistant" and "meets the water seal requirements of ANSI C119.1"

I'm not sure this is currently competitive in price with the heat shrink connectors we all use. But it's interesting stuff, nonetheless.

Your thoughts?
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