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Originally Posted by JimLewis View Post
1. Creates add'l labor / expense
2. Dogs track it inside
3. Kids / Adults track it inside
4. Gets into surrounding landscape beds
5. Needs to be replenished over time
6. You only need infill because the thread count isn't high enough on your turf that it stands up on it's own. So you have to use the infill for ballast to keep the blades up. I'd prefer the blades just stay up on their own without the need for infill.
Yea that makes sense.
Infill gets messy.
We maintain a site with an artificial turf dog park. People make the strangest faces when they see the sprinklers turn on and water it lol . When used as a dog park they recommend irrigation to wash away the urine or else it starts smelling really ba especially in the summer.
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