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I don't know how long a Armada has been in business but it' hasn't been a long time. In the time they have been building locators though, they seem to keep trying to improve the products that carry their brand.

I started with the pro 600 and then moved up to the 700. Both units were (in my opinion) a step ahead of the 521 that I started with. Then came the pro800 with peak and null reception another power level and the broadcast mode that I thought would be useless to me (boy was I wrong about that) until I found that I use broadcast as much or more than direct connect.

Here's a few pics of the old (first gen and the latest gen)

The 521 was the first irrigation specific locator on the market and I always include it as a worthwhile unit to own. But the 521 has evolved very slowly through a number of owners, while the folks at Armada seem to want to build the best and keep improving the finest locator on the planet to make it better.
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