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Got pictures? Boston ivy? Poison ivy? The kind that covers trees and brick and wooden fences? Ground ivy?
If its growing upwards--first cut off the main stems: if you separate the roots from the stems no water gets to the top--dead within hours. If it is over 2 inches tall--mow it--that will weaken it in a major way. The roots will sprout--then spray the new sprouts. Spray before the new sprouts get 4 inches tall. Repeat as needed.
Remember...if its a heavy shade area...there is no sense in trying to grow grass; ivy is at home in such areas.
If its growing up a house--you can expect damage to the house and siding.
Repeat spraying--but 2,4-D has a limit of 2 pounds per acre per year or something like that.

Remember also that three way products have dicamba--repeated spraying over the roots of trees may cause damage to the tree by root uptake; read the label carefully.

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