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Originally Posted by Exact Rototilling View Post
I wonder what the big national Co pay wage wise for their applicators.

I do have a glimmer of hope some day to hire presentable help to do applications but many of the iffy shaddy characters who do work for most of the lawn maintenance Co. here look like they just rolled out of bed, just got picked up from hitch hiking for weeks on end you name it. At least the guys who do applications fr the big Co....okay most of them ...look fairly presentable....even if they never blow off granular product off walks or drives or make ANY effort to tidy up a trial of aeration plugs.
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Here's the jigger.

Why do they look like crap?
Look at the work,
it tears up clothes, like crazy!
Im tired of replacing MY clothes.
Don't you think they are tired of getting paid $14/hr and ripping through clothes they can't afford to replace?
So they show up wearing crap like they were just an unearthed zombie.

The answer to this is company uniforms, dickies, a shirt, a cap.
YOU pay for them, or do an 80/20 split.
But UNIFORMS should be the first bennie any company offers.
Ive even seen/suggested a boot reimbursement after a year
something like $80 towards boots if the guy sticks it out a year.

have them show up in a clean uniform, yesterdays goes in the laundry hamper, the dude from Cintas or Alsco, picks up laundry, drops off new uniforms.

Easy Peasy.

Oh it cost too much?

The alternative is night of the living dead.

Im not sure I blame employees on this one.
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