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I'm a vet, I noticed people keep listing the unit these people were in but its totally irrelevant. I have met people from 82nd 101st etc etc etc and there are ALWAYS more shitbags than headstrong motivated individuals.

The MAIN reason I think people slack off don't show up is because in the military you a paid a salary+benefits no matter how much you work. You get paid the same for a day off as the hardest working day of your life. No bonuses/incentives. People do it in the military because the HAVE to do it. When you are in the military and the higher ups say ok guys we are gonna be in formation at 0230 and do a 15 mile run followed by a long day of busy work.... is ANYONE happy about that? NO nobody is happy about that, but they still do it, why? because they have no choice, they signed a contract.

When you become a civilian, you have a choice. And they make that choice.
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