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Originally Posted by jrs.landscaping View Post
You're area might be different but around me you won't find a person capable of doing a solo route for less than $16 an hour. Chances are if they're capable they're doing it on their own. Just my .02

You're better off working with him for a month or so to get him acclimated with how things are done, you could also ask Georgialawn, he's in kind of the same situation.
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Maaannn, I'm in the dumps right now because my BEST guy and only employee just quit on me. Told me that he wants $1 more per hour or "no mas".

I've been in business since '08 and this guy is THE BEST help that I've ever had. But he doesn't have a driver's license and I'm not sure if he'll transition well from being paid cash to payroll.

Here's why I'm down in the dumps.... When he started I was paying him $10/hr for the first month and he did the same thing before the month was out. This was back in about April or May of last year. It's been slow for the past 2-3 months so he's been finding work elsewhere and I've been keeping in touch every week. We may work a couple days a week in Jan. or once a week in Feb.

So I kinda feel like it's my fault for not keeping him occupied to the point where he wouldn't have had the opportunity to find other work that pays a little more.

Also, I despise manipulative moves/motives with a purple passion, just be straight with me. Now, one thing I can say is that he's always been straight with me in regards to what he wants/needs and when. Someone else posted that most people aren't gonna approach you for a raise, he did.

He even gave me back all the keys: office/shop, truck, and my home garage. As you can see, I trust him a lot.

And I was looking for another guy, a driver. This is the worst time for this.
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