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Originally Posted by ducnut View Post
The "cart" is called a sulky.

Because a homeowner ZTR isn't designed to be used everyday, all day. The commercial stuff has a heavier build and drivetrain, larger tires, higher speed; everything is more/bigger/heavier/faster. If you're only mowing your property, a homeowner mower will last a good, long time, if properly maintained. I started out, with a homeowner ZTR. It's 9yrs old, now.
Hey Ducnut, does that 9 year old ztr have the original hydros? I'm wondering if the ezt's will last that long (500+ hrs). Sorry 'bout jacking the thread.

To the OP: I'm getting a ztr because of leaves. I want to pull an attachment from time to time; nothing heavy. Otherwise I'd go for a commercial walker.
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