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Don't have the analysis. However, the source provider did tell me this compost had more nitrogen then the other available compost they sold. I spent a while looking around the lawn and pulling what few weeds there are today. The grass is now actively growing and the shoots have the most breath taking color. Some areas seem to have one of the darkest green colors I've ever seen.

Now I have a quick question, I know composting a few times a year can have a dramatic effect on the soil and lawn from he say that we read on the internet. Our soil conditions are poor from the get go. Let's say you are not doing bad financially, and your a lawn fanatic, and wanted to go the extended mile on your lawn. What kind of effect would it have on your lawn in the short term and long term to do a mild to medium application of compost once a month. I know it takes about 4-7 days tops before you can no longer visually see the compost on our lawn, so smothering the lawn wouldn't be likely. Anyone think I would see a big change in the lawn and soil conditions by doing this? I was thinking a 1/4 or .25 of an inch every month during the active growing season or possibly every other month?
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