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Originally Posted by DLONGLANDSCAPING View Post
Lawn rolling is the biggest no no in the landscaping and agricultural world. Unless you are aerating about every 3" after, you are destroying the subsoil and soil structure of your lawns.

Really the only time it should be used is on golf courses and sports fields with an engineered soil and soil structure with a high sand content and engineered drainage and irrigation system. And in these applications they are arrating directly after they roll and then re sand the areas

Love the business and love the equipment and good luck to you, but I would avoid rolling lawns by all means if you want healthy lawns.
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Lawn rolling is very popular here. I get asked every year, and 3 calls already this week and the weather hasn't even broke yet. Every Johnny homeowner in town with a riding mower has a lawn roller behind it in spring. My neighbor rolls his for weeks, he is nuts though, and also cuts his lawn 3-4 times a week whether it needs it or not.

I met a guy who does rolling and said his phone rings off the hook and all he does is have a sign in his front yard that advertises it. Ive explained to people that I don't roll cause Id need not only the roller but the aerater and their response is, we just want it rolled nevermind the aerating. Most don't know or care about soil compaction or aerating. They want their damn lawn rolled
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