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Ive used friends, friends of friends, and craigslist. my best employee came from CL. But has left me. Finding his replacement is proving to be a challenge this time around. Funny thing is, he was the first guy I interviewed from CL and this guy was like me but only 10 years younger.

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Sounds like a guy in a rough spot, as soon as he finds a better opportunity he'll be gone for. I had some issues hiring our first couple of guys last year. Try to keep a business relationship especially if its just you and your guy in the truck, it's easy for him to get confused and think he can make decisions for your company or that you two are friends of some kind. You want him to like you, but at the same time he needs to respect you, and that's the biggest issue I've run into. They think we're friends and try to push more and more. It's best to be up front with their expectations from the beginning and as soon as they step out of line even a little call them out on it, and make sure they realize that it will not be tolerated. Good luck
This is the TRUTH right here. Although my CL guy was the best I had he did this (if your reading this Andy, relax ) but so did all the guys before him. Its harder to be strict on friends and friends of friends but you just have to be or they will walk all over you. Out siders will press slowly though too once they get comfy. You just gotta remind them whos paying who here and if they want a job they better just start listening more and squalking less. It worked for me.
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