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Originally Posted by flyingcircleg View Post
So just picked up a Cat 268B and a Zieman 20ft beaver tail equipment trailer at a auction, as well as a spare bucket and backhoe attachment... Any advice on the best way to strap all this stuff down? I need to buy some chains and binders, already have 4 heavy duty ratchet straps from my car trailer.

I was thinking getting 2 15ft chains and binders to tie the tractor down with and transport with the hoe on it, then strapping down the 2 buckets. Figured it would be easier to have the backhoe on the tractor than trying to tie it down. Or would I be better with 3-4 chains to tie the skid down with? Heading down next week to pick it up (7 hour drive) so any advice would be appreciated.

Chains and binders. No ratchet straps to hold tractor.
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