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min charge

Our min application fee. Is 45 plus product cost you have to figure time picking up material handling storage etc and clean up in my area they will be putting restrictions on amounts of nitrogen being put down all polls are having meetings comming very soon our local extension farm Bureau is already coming out with guidelines on nutrient levels and how to Handel a moratorium on applications one of there recommendations is soil testing which I'm in favor of because then you know exactly what each particular properties needs are I always push soil testing on new applications accounts but getting joe public to agree is difficult dont you know what my lawn needs just by looking at wait let me look at my crystal ball and I tell you what your lawn needs. So education is also part of our service as well so it hard to put a price on apps you have to know exactly what your cost are and what your local market will bear different parts of the country will have different economic pressures but no one can beat trugreen at 29.99 per application just push quality over price.we only apply who we mow so that can have a positive effect try that method it works for us very well here instead or running around applying every were with no control of how others mow or water thats a big problem so keep it small and simple
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