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Originally Posted by Mickhippy View Post
Do you guys have small 4 cylinder trucks over there? Found one…!/series/tacoma/
Its not only a quote vehicle but also back up, take tools, plants, a little mulch or what ever to jobs in an emergency. Bit more practical than just a car and is what customer would expect you to rock up in!

The thought of going to a quote in a Porsche I think sends the wrong message, like the guy on here some time ago that used a Hummer to tow his trailer! Tosser or poser comes to mind! Im talking for work, not daily drive!

I would also assume (right or wrongly) that servicing/running costs would be much greater on a car like that as opposed to a normal everyday small truck or car.

All that said, there is a cost involved in buying a dedicated quote vehicle. Lets say $20k. Thats a lot of fuel to burn in your current truck to make up the difference.
Ford Ranger, Chevy S-10, Toyota Tacoma. I havent seen a 4cyl dodge in a dogs age, do they still exist?

sure we have them over here, but Americans have an insane fixation on taking V8s to get groceries and having them "In case" we find Thors hammer in a meteorite, and want to try our luck on pulling it out with a bumper chain….

so basically…no body buys them
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