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Originally Posted by redmax fan View Post
ive got a half acre with a 40x90 garden at back of it to which im always dragging a hose to , i water solely with hose to save water so im using nozzles alot . ive broke a bunch of them that cant take the dropping and dragging wear and always end up back to the simple sturdy old brass ones -

The one you linked to on Amazon was referred too as a SOLID brass unit. They made a direct reference to it in the title.

Buyer beware these days. Diligence is as easy as a magnet in your pocket. I.e. It looks like brass, but a magnet is sticking to it? Hmmm. Clad/coated?- not sure what the process is called. Magnets have never stuck to brass. It's not to say that an internal part or 2 isn't metal though. Costs just as much & lasts about a week!

If in question, buy from a big box store & return if unhappy.
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