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I will try to get the analysis from them this week. I'm sure they should have considering they are selling multiple types of compost. Today, I noticed on the parts next to our lawn. We have a seeded area around the cove-a-sack. Nobody maintains and it was looking rough last year, so we just threw seed and compost out there. Needless to say the seeded area filled in. So when composting the lawn I backed up on the culb-a-sack to unload the compost. Today, I noticed the areas where the compost was spilled on the culb-a-dack have a rich dark, dark green area, where the seeded area around where the compost hasn't touched is a pale green. I will post pictures later tonight when I get back, it's hard to see the difference from the photo's I snapped on my phone, but it's defiantly a whole different color grass where the compost was.
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