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Originally Posted by JB1 View Post
Have they thought about putting a bounty on them, like say $1000.00 for them.
JB while I appreciate your reply. Two things are very apparent. First you have never been in the middle of the Tropical swamp they call the Everglades. Second you miss the part of the article where 1500 hunters only caught 68 of the over 100,000 estimated snakes in the everglades.

I have done other animal trapping and these snakes are hard to trap. They only want Live bait. As of now we only know how to Hunt them, not eradicate them. Like Pest Control we need to study them and find the weak spot.

The one factor that does thin the herd is just the right Cold weather. That is cold enough to slow the snakes but not the gators. Only Mother Nature can provide that factor.


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