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Originally Posted by TPendagast View Post
where did you serve? In supply?
I don't know anyone in the airborne or rangers that HAS to do anything…they are ALL volunteer units.
At any time ANY day you can say "I don't want to do this any more" and they will take you off the roster and send you somewhere else…. you know, where people complain about having to work after a 15 mile run.

I don't know which group of people you are meeting from 82nd or 101st but I think your are talking to the toilet scrubbers and supply guys.

LOL. Guess you didn't really read my post. People are POSTING THE UNIT these people are from NOT THE JOB THEY PERFORM in said unit.

The OP didn't say I am hiring RANGERS nor did he say I've hired JUMPMASTERS.

People are listing the UNIT these people were in as if THE UNIT they were in was relevant. YOU JUST PROVED MY POINT. There is supply/commo/drivers etc etc etc etc etc etc in THE UNITS THEY LISTED.

There is a huge difference when hiring a retired jumpmaster from 82nd and hiring a 24 year old supply specialist from 82nd.

The fact remains there are many many more shitbags in 82nd airbourne than hard working strong minded individuals AND THAT'S A FACT no matter what your opinion is. I met all of the above in America as well as Iraq, special forces etc etc etc. Stop lumping everyone together, just because you were 101 or 82nd blah blah doesn't mean you are a hard worker and are going to be a good hire for a landscaping crew, FACT.
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