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Originally Posted by F4rm3rj03 View Post
Checkout the North American Cargo Securement Standard.
It is my understanding that standard is what you will be judged from. It is also great reading to develop a good understanding of how to think when securing equipment.
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Unless your California, in our brief for doing WAREX out at Ft. Hunter Legit, we hauled our heavy junk on civilian roads. A binder is considered a chain, as goofy as it seemed 4 binders on the corners you were good to California Highway Dept. But heaven forbid if you have a few drops of oil on your trailer from the equipment your hauling.

On the note check your local and state laws, some will state 4 chains 4 binders, or under 10,000 2 chains and 4 binders, or 4 chains and 4 binders crossed, etc, etc. In my eyes as long as everything is tied pulling it forward and backwards, your good. Just stop and check your chains and binders before you get on a freeway and every time you stop. Also in my opinion straps are only good for pulling loads vertically.
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