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Toro TurfMaster

Blades quit engaging today. Looked under the thing it it appears the BBC belt is loose. It doesn't seem the belt is off the pulley's, but I can't find a diagram to make sure. The BBC Belt goes around the rear pulley and the pulley on the front left side if looking at the mower from the front. However, there's a pulley to the right, the belt is on the inside of, I don't think the belt is suppose to go around that pulley. If it is suppose to go around that pulley I can't figure out how to get it around there because there's not enough room to route the belt over that pulley, and I can't take it under. I'm guessing I should just take it back on warranty, problem is the dealer is an hour plus away, so I'm looking at a $200.00 trip counting gas and lost time. Anyone got any answers before I wake up? The mower is a month old. I've cut lot's of tall grass with it already, would this cause the belt to stretch that fast?
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