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Is that it or are we going to get this show on the road? <p>Pick and choose ...<p>1. Let a few with &quot;defeatist attitude&quot; posts get you down? <p>2. Let those with dismal outlooks on life ruin a good thing?<p>3. Let your good judgement be influenced<br>and &quot;poisoned&quot; by nay sayers?<p>4. Let hostilities from a few troublemakers who themselves don't have a clue ... spoil Chuck's trip?<p>5. Let yourself give up so easily your thinking swayed by those with &quot;crap&quot; for brains and &quot;mush&quot; for emotions?<p>6. Let yourself fall in line behind people who have never &quot;been anywhere&quot; and don't want anybody else to &quot;go anywhere&quot; ... pure jealousy and childish reaction.<p>7. Let yourself think negative instead of positive as if life is just a bad trip passing before you in a go nowhere scenario you fall victim to it. <p>8. Let yourself wallow in the miserable world of the also rand, hopeless outlooks, at each turn in the road, where some folks say that life sucks and that's okay with them.<p>Is that it? Is that all you got inside you?<p>This is my final post on this subject. If you don't get the picture by now? <p>Get the program off the ground, follow this post with renewed pledges because we don't have the numbers to make the trip happen. We can still do this. It's up to you. <p>Phil Nilsson<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: Nilsson Associates
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