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Our City has, for many years, made several products using solids from the water reclamation plant,(sewage plant). One product is called Dyno Dirt. It is loaded with nitrogen and will burn up plants if used straight, without soil mixed in. It is a great topdressing material.It is biosolids and wood mulch mixed together. They also have Dyno soil. This is the biosolids mixed with wood mulch and sandy loam. You can put it in thick layers, like for filling up a raised garden or bed area. It has lots of nitrogen, but will not burn up the plants.
These are highly processed materials. After leaving the sewage plant, the biosolids are mixed with the various components. The material is placed in long windrows to compost. Every now and then, a huge machine straddles the windrow and remixes and turns the material. Temps get quite high and it is common to see spot fires start burning in the composting windrows. They keep a tank truck of water on hand to put out the fires.
Foks around here love these products and I have hauled many a dump truck load over the last 20 years.
I don't think they publish an analysis, as each batch can vary depending on how the materials get mixed. The mixing of the components is not an exact science.
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